September 27-29, 2024

Zhengzhou, China


1. Modern Education | 现代教育

Preschool Education | 学前教育

Primary and Secondary Education | 中小学教育

Higher Education | 高等教育

Lifelong Learning and Adult Education | 终身学习与成人教育

Continuing Education and Career Development | 继续教育与职业发展

Special Education | 特殊教育

Innovative Education | 创新教育

Curriculum Design and Innovation | 课程设计与创新

Digital Education and Smart Campus | 数字教育与智慧校园

Artificial Intelligence in Education | 教育中的人工智能

Educational Psychology and Social Development | 教育心理和社会发展

Education Policy and Reform | 教育政策与改革

Interdisciplinary and Integrated Courses | 跨学科与综合课程

Virtual and Distance Education | 虚拟和远程教育

Multimedia Education and Online Education | 多媒体教育与网络教育

Blended Learning | 混合学习

Educational Games and Personalized Education | 教育游戏与个性化教育

2. Humanities and Arts | 人文艺术

History | 历史

Philosophy | 哲学

Linguistics | 语言学

Anthropology | 人类学

Literature and Art | 文学艺术

Classical Art and Art History | 古典艺术与艺术史

Architectural History and Architectural Design | 建筑史与建筑设计

Archaeology and Museum Studies | 考古与博物馆研究

Archaeology and Museum Studies | 视觉艺术与表演艺术

Music and Dance | 音乐与舞蹈

Photography and Fine Arts | 摄影与美术

Communication and Media Studies | 传播与媒体研究

Cultural Industry | 文化产业

Art Design and Industrial Design | 艺术设计与产业设计

Tourism and Service Industry Development | 旅游与服务业发展

Inheritance and Protection of Culture and Arts | 文化艺术的传承和保护

Cultural Differences and Cross-Cultural Studies | 文化差异与跨文化研究

Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Arts | 人文艺术中的跨学科研究

Digital Humanities and Arts | 数字人文与艺术